Can’t Get into iPhone Tech Talks

I’ve been trying to get into these iPhone Tech Talks with no success.  Full!  Meanwhile, I’m forced to hack it on my own which does not bother me to too much.    If you happen to attend any of the talks, let me know what you thought of it.  I’m curious to know how good the free content is.

Dear Renato Mascardo,

Thank you for your interest in attending the iPhone Tech Talk being held in San Jose on 12 December 2008.Due to an overwhelming response, we have reached the maximum capacity for the venue and cannot confirm your registration. We will keep you informed of any future iPhone developer events scheduled in your area.

We appreciate and value your interest in developing for iPhone.


iPhone Developer Program

iPhone Apps Coming out Soon!

Remember that old web based Flash game called “The Penguin Swing“?  It sure did waste a few hours of my life back in the day.  Well, they have come out with a Viking version for the iPhone leveraging the tilt-sensing abilities of your iPhone or iTouch. Ok, so its stupid but there are some interesting things to gleam from this.

  • iPhone Apps is due out this week and I believe this will be more interesting than watching those Apple idiots line up for a new iPhone.  (Can you believe the service pricing?)
  • Wii is to gaming as the iPhone is to mobile apps — Just like the Wii, the iPhone should introduce some interesting application leveraging the unique features of the iPhone.

I’m still putting my thoughts together for a more robust post about the iPhone development environment but my first reaction is that they did a great job.  Barring of course the criticism of the lack of API’s such as background tasks, it should be enough to get going with the majoring of iPhone applications.  xCode and all of its supporting tools is really well bundled together including the slick iPhone emulator.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the iPhone Apps store release this week.  It should be interesting.

Go find me a restaurant …

Here is an interesting little company called UrbanSpoon which at the core of it looks like a variant of Yelp.  They provide community based restaurant recommendation and reviews.  Recently, they released an iPhone application that will randomly find you a restaurant based on your geographic location.  Or, what could be described as location based Yelp.

What’s interesting about this?

  • iPhone SDK is not your everyday web application.  It provides a rich UI, very cool  accelerometer action, access to location information and much more.
  • Location based applications are now going to hit the forefront as the new iPhone 2.0 has built in GPS.  We’ll be seeing some interesting location based mashups and re-spins of existing ideas.

I’m still fully formulating my opinion on Google Android verses Apple’s iPhone SDK, but at first glance i’m more in favor of the iPhone SDK.

I better brush up on my Objective-C.

WWDC Starts Tomorrow

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 starts tomorrow and the freak Apple fans are running up the rumors about the 3G iPhone, iPhone embedded GPS. iPhone with video conferencing or Mac Fusion. And of course, everyone is afraid that Twitter will go down which means people will need to actually call each other. Sucks. I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Well, let’s see what Steve has in store for us tomorrow! I’ll probably end up buying it. Dammit!