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Husband, Father, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Amateur Humorist

My name is Renato Jose Mascardo.  I was born in Brooklyn, New York.  My parents were immigrants from the Philippines and both successful medical doctors.  I went to high school at Fairfield College Preparatory School in Fairfield, Connecticut and did my undergraduate at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. My undergraduate degree is in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration.  I spent 22+ years in Silicon Valley working at technology companies and made several attempts at starting my own business.  I’ve worked for some fun companies through the years [LinkedIn].  I now live in the mountains of Park City, Utah with my lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and dog.   We enjoy all things outdoors, sports, movies and Disney.    

I have a passion for building phenomenal products and delighting my customers. More specifically, I really like start ups and turning around organizations.  Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed building great companies, teams, strategies and technology.  My style is have fun at whatever I do, with a smile on my face and as much laughter as possible.   

In 2021, I experienced a ischemic stroke and found myself in a helicopter over the mountains to the Neurological ICU.  The doctors have said that I’m recovered fully but the experience has had me thinking more broadly about making sure the things I’m doing are making a broader impact.  I hope my stories make more people aware of the risks with strokes and what do to do when it happens to you.

My current role involves innovating in the GovTech space, one the of truly last frontiers of digitalization left to transform. Additionally, I’m involved with investment and business opportunities in the FinTech space. FinTech is at the epicenter of so many topics that I am passionate about — finance, money, cloud computing, high performance computing, cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized computing, scale, uptime and security.

For fun — I love all things music (Grateful Dead, Phish, Goose, Paul Reed Smith, Marshall Amplification), ski (Salomon, Faction), hike, mountain bike (Trek) and the occasional CrossFit WOD (Park City Fit). Also, I’m a huge sports fan. I enjoy all things New York sports — New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, NYCFC and Manchester City.

If you have the time, feel free to read any of my blog posts here. Below are some of my most recent posts —

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