iPhone Apps Coming out Soon!

Remember that old web based Flash game called “The Penguin Swing“?  It sure did waste a few hours of my life back in the day.  Well, they have come out with a Viking version for the iPhone leveraging the tilt-sensing abilities of your iPhone or iTouch. Ok, so its stupid but there are some interesting things to gleam from this.

  • iPhone Apps is due out this week and I believe this will be more interesting than watching those Apple idiots line up for a new iPhone.  (Can you believe the service pricing?)
  • Wii is to gaming as the iPhone is to mobile apps — Just like the Wii, the iPhone should introduce some interesting application leveraging the unique features of the iPhone.

I’m still putting my thoughts together for a more robust post about the iPhone development environment but my first reaction is that they did a great job.  Barring of course the criticism of the lack of API’s such as background tasks, it should be enough to get going with the majoring of iPhone applications.  xCode and all of its supporting tools is really well bundled together including the slick iPhone emulator.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the iPhone Apps store release this week.  It should be interesting.