Go find me a restaurant …

Here is an interesting little company called UrbanSpoon which at the core of it looks like a variant of Yelp.  They provide community based restaurant recommendation and reviews.  Recently, they released an iPhone application that will randomly find you a restaurant based on your geographic location.  Or, what could be described as location based Yelp.

What’s interesting about this?

  • iPhone SDK is not your everyday web application.  It provides a rich UI, very cool  accelerometer action, access to location information and much more.
  • Location based applications are now going to hit the forefront as the new iPhone 2.0 has built in GPS.  We’ll be seeing some interesting location based mashups and re-spins of existing ideas.

I’m still fully formulating my opinion on Google Android verses Apple’s iPhone SDK, but at first glance i’m more in favor of the iPhone SDK.

I better brush up on my Objective-C.