Quick comments live from F8

The Facebook F8 conference is underway and its quite the collection of folks.  There is twittering, blogging, live video streaming all happening at the same time.  It was a bit insane.  More people were looking down at their laptops typing than actually watching the speaker talk. Here are just a couple of thoughts I had during the keynote:

  • Regardless of his net worth, Zuckerberg is a terrible public speaker
  • They need to hire someone that can scroll through slides properly
  • There are now 90 million Facebook users
  • 2/3 of the users are international
  • Their approach on internationalization is right on and they are releasing the tool to all application developers.  That’s exciting if Facebook can continue to push into international markets.
  • 400,000 developers
  • New profiles isn’t that awesome and there were obvious issues with the rollout
  • Facebook Connect demos were exciting — Digg, Citysearch, Sixapart
  • Lots of guiding principles for application develpment — no more spammy apps
  • New developer website released
  • New verification and great apps program released — makes a ton of sense

Overall, very cool.

Twitter Isn’t So Bad

Ok, so I admit that I didn’t really understand Twitter when it came out. It seemed pretty dumb. Well, after playing around with it for the past two weeks, I’ve come to appreciate the unified communication aspect of the platform. You really need to look beyond the guy who tweets, “I’m sitting on couch eating dinner”.

  • The SMS Integration works well from a push and pull point of view.
  • The Facebook Twitter Application allows my Tweets update my Facebook status that is part of my news feed.
  • My Twitter feed is available is RSS while lets me easily put it where ever I want.
  • Much easier to write compared to a blog entry

The platform enables quick, easy and broad communication. It reminds me of the unified communication platforms (that have been around for a while) in a nice Web 2.0 box. Let’s see if they can get back the scalability issues.

So, if you have nothing else to do, subscribe to my Twitter feed.