Observations of a BART Rider


I’ve been commuting on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) into the city for about 5+ years now.   BART is a rapid transit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. It connects San Francisco with cities in the East Bay and suburbs in northern San Mateo County.  With an average of 422,490 weekday passengers, 211,288 Saturday passengers, and 158,855 Sunday passengers in September 2014,[7] BART is the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.  And with that, its full of joy.

I’ve probably had 1000+ trips over the past 5+ years and have a accumulated some observations and lessons learned about my favorite “silver chariot”.  It’s been quite a journey.

  • BART smells are unique and confusing
  • Be prepared to get really close to passengers, really close
  • Somewhere to lean on is priceless when there isn’t a seat — find that wall or pole or whatever!  If it’s a door, be ready for it to open — I actually fell out on the platform once.
  • There is usually one guy a week that brings his own folding chair on the train — at first you feel jealous but then you realize he looks like an idiot.
  • Getting a BART parking permit is like winning the lottery — I was on the wait list for 6+ years and started out as number 10,893. Seriously?
  • I now crave elevator updates at home — “This is the home authority. The stairs are still functioning.”
  • Bikers on Bart confuse me — first, how the hell are you getting that bike on this train now when I can’t even take a deep breath. Second, why didn’t you bike to where you were going!
  • The BART map comforts me — not sure why, it must be the colors and hope that those dash lines to San Jose will be filled in one of these days.
  • People can die on BART — yup, that has happened on my BART train and someone took his seat when they were done taking him away.
  • People barf on BART — yup, that has happened to me. Now close your eyes and imagine the hilarity on a completely full train.
  • BART toilets scare the poop out of me, which ironically make them more effective
  • It’s possible to park so far away from Bart that you forgot why you needed to get on BART — that’s happened to me, and then I lost my car but still remembered my stall number.
  • You will get angry at those that eat on Bart — yes, the woman who ordered double the sweet and sour chicken from Panda Express but couldn’t wait to get home. I’m going to barf on you.
  • Don’t be angry at the Asian family with the large florescent luggage ever taking up 8 seats on their way to the airport during rush hour. They are more afraid of you right now. And yes, the largest bag will have wheels and run people over as they get on the train.
  • 91% of those getting on BART after midnight are so drunk they will miss their stop and need to Uber from Dublin home
  • Making the train as the doors are closing is the closest thing you get to being Indiana Jones but then you will realize that there is a train 3 minutes behind this one and you feel dumb.

Here’s to 1000+ more trips ahead!

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