Cyber-Monday Nails Victoria’s Secret!

It’s Cyber-Monday and Victoria’s Secret can’t keep up!  

(Insert all the funny puns) 

I’ve been trying to buy a few things … uh … for my mother and have not been able to check out.  The real questions are … 

  1. How much time is wasted by employees shopping online at work?
  2. How much money is being lost as their site is down? 

Ouch!  Well, at least their “site is down” image is better than Twitter’s whale.  

Victoria Secret is Down!

2 thoughts on “Cyber-Monday Nails Victoria’s Secret!

  1. Renato,

    I think you are funny. I like some of the stuff that you write. This post is a little bothersome. Couple reasons 1) You are buying stuff for my sister. Kinda of weird. 2) You are buying stuff for your mistress, although not likely because of your picture in the upper right hand corner. But either way, not cool. Clean it up.


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