Gmail Video for the Holidays

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced Gmail Voice and Video chat embedded into Gmail.  You simply download a client onto your computer and you’re off!  Here are a few of my observations:

  • Setup was simple and if you have a Mac with an embedded camera, it’s even simpler!
  • Having it embedded in my Gmail client makes a world of difference.  I’m much more likely to use the tool given the fact that I use Gmail all the time.  Plus, it’s my primary contact management tool.
  • Quality is good.  Compared to Skype and Yahoo IM, I think its better.

A video conference is a much more robust form of communication comparied to instant messaging or email.  It makes a world of difference when it comes to managing remote teams or just trying to connect with family.  This afternoon I walked my not-so-computer-savy dad through the setup and we had a cross-continental video conference with my family in Connecticut.  My 2 year old daughter enjoyed it alot, especially when my dad raised our dog Patton up to the camera.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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