HP Upline Still Unavailable!

HP Upline has been down since Wednesday 4/16 for me and its still down. The HP Upline team was nice enough to send me this note:

Dear HP Upline Service subscriber,

On Thursday, April 17th, HP suspended operation of the HP Upline Service. We fully anticipate that suspension of the Upline Service will be temporary and short in duration, and will notify you when the Upline Service is operational again.

Please accept our sincere apology for this unanticipated interruption of your access to the Upline Service. We appreciate your patience as we launch this new service, and are working hard to minimize inconvenience caused by this service interruption.

We truly value your early adoption of the Upline Service and will be providing the following to you: your subscription will remain in effect but we will be refunding your entire subscription fee. We will be refunding this amount to the credit card or other account you used to subscribe to the Upline Service.

Again, thank you for your patience, and we look forward to providing you with the HP Upline Service.


The HP Upline Team

I have to say that this is one major screw up. Someone should get fired for this one. I’m responsible for operations at my current software start-up and if the CEO spends a bunch of money on a release, and the service just falls over and the infrastructure is in such a bad state that I’m forced to provide refunds for everyone, my resignation would be on his desk first thing Monday morning. Com’on! How can Web 2.0 start-up’s do it and one of the biggest software/hardware companies can’t do it. How bad can it be? You would think you could just throw hardware at the problem. They have plenty of that laying around.

Of course, I don’t know the details and I’m not sure what happened but I do know that I’m one unsatisfied paying customer.

One thought on “HP Upline Still Unavailable!

  1. KD

    Screwups and resignations aside, and ignoring the fact that something like this should never ever ever happen at such a big, well-established company, you have to at least give HP kudos for proactive refunds… so now you can’t claim to be a paying customer. You have to admit they got you on that one.

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