Do your curtains match your drapes?

In this month’s Business 2.0, there is an article about an innovative new company tackling the age old problem to folks that dye their hair. Betty Beauty is introducing the first safe color specially formulated for the hair down there. The articles describes how the co-founder thought of the idea while observing patrons of a hair salon walk out with little bags of the hair coloring so that they can keep the “up stairs” the same color as the “down stairs”. I’m brining up this company for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s an amazing example of founding a company on simple life observations. There are start up ideas all around us. We just need to pay attention.
  2. Reminded me a of “Blue Ocean” strategy. Insteading of trying to take on the “bloody” hair coloring market, it’s tackling a space with probably no competitors.
  3. I never knew that it was important to have “safe coloring” for the hair down there. I’m scared now.
  4. I wanted to post a blog with as many references to the hair down there without actually saying what is it.


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