Microsoft Aquiries TellMe

It was announced today that Microsoft will aquire TellMe networks. Most interestingly, I have read that it could fetch 800+ million dollars which would represent the 4th largest acquisition in the history of Microsoft. Whoa! Microsoft is busting into the voice platform business in a big way. I remember playing with the technology back in 2000 and it was hot stuff back then. I’m very curious to see what Microsoft does with the technology and how (if) it changes our general user experience with the operating system. This could have very interesting impact across the Microsoft products.

REDMOND, Wash. – March 14, 2007 – Microsoft Corp. today announced it will acquire Tellme Networks, Inc., a leading provider of voice services for everyday life, including nationwide directory assistance, enterprise customer service and voice-enabled mobile search. Microsoft and Tellme share a vision around the potential of speech as a way to enable access to information, locate other people and enhance business processes, any time and from any device. Combining Tellme’s talented people and expertise in high-volume voice services with Microsoft’s platform, resources and worldwide customer reach will inspire new and innovative solutions.


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