Music is Life.

Hello Friends & Family,

Music is Life. Live Music is Heaven.

My memory stinks.  I blame not getting enough sleep as a kid.  The TV show M.A.S.H. would come on at 11:30pm after the news and I would find myself sneaking  downstairs to watch while my parents were asleep.  Way too late for any little kid to be up.  Sarah will tell you that I can’t remember anything important but remember the dumbest things.  Well, I needed to text my buddy the exact date of a concert we went to back in 1993.  Jerry Garcia Band at MSG on November 12, 1993. 

My original JGB @ MSG 11/12/1993 Ticket Stub

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
They Love Each Other
Forever Young
Struggling Man
Money Honey
My Sisters And Brothers
Lay Down Sally

Shining Star
You Never Can Tell [C’est La Vie]
Wonderful World
The Maker
Don’t Let Go
That Lucky Old Sun
Tangled Up In Blue

My high school in Connecticut was heavy into the Grateful Dead and related bands.  Not entirely sure why but it was a convenient spot to be in to be a fan because the Grateful Dead played many shows in the area.  They would do long winter runs at Madison Square Garden in New York City and summer runs at The Meadowlands in New Jersey.  So many great shows with so many great people. 

This show specifically stands outs because it was one of my first Grateful Dead (related) shows and started  a long line of concerts following the likes of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Dead & Company, Phish, Widespread Panic, Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd  and Goose.   I’m not entirely sure how many concerts I’ve been to anymore — I stopped counting. I kept as many of the ticket stubs as I could until they just stopped making them and it went completely digital. Each of these stubs tell a story.

My brain has always loved the patterns with music and improvisational opportunities of genres like Jazz.  I played the guitar and messed around with the bass and drums.  There was something very therapeutic with practice that I loved so much.  I remember sitting around my bedroom just rolling through scale patterns and chords.  My mind lost in the  patterns or thinking about something else.  I’m sure I’ll never find it but my college essay was about the magic of music.   My band in high school was named “Rubbing Buddah’s Belly” or #rbb for all the “merch”.  We always joke that there would be a reunion tour one of these days.   Our wives would be the only groupies left. 🙂

Few distinct things I remember from this concert —

  • Jerry Garcia blew my mind.  I loved his solos and his vocals were still solid. 
  • Loved the lights and how they complemented the music.
  • Loved the scene and people.
  • Was very confused why there was so much smoke in the air at the set break.  I was very naive.  Haha. 

Pearl Jam @ Oakland Coliseum 5/12/2022 & 5/12/2022

One of my most favorite bands in high school was Pearl Jam.  It doesn’t get better than the album Ten.  However, I’d never seen them live … until this past month!  They did not disappointment.  Fantastic show! 

Life is short.  Find your joy.  I told myself I would spend more time seeing live music.  It’s so great to see the performers back on the road after COVID.  This year should see my first visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater and possibly a couple of shows with my girls in hopes to pass down the music bug. 

Thank you reading my ramblings. Comment below or send me a note! 


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