Apptio comes out from hiding …

A number of my old team members from the Mercury Diagnostics product line, which was eventually folded into HP Software went off and founded Apptio.  They describe themselves as:

Apptio is the leading provider of on demand IT Cost Transparency solutions. Apptio’s IT Cost Transparency solutions provide greater visibility into the cost, utilization and operations of IT products and services so that businesses can identify ways to reduce IT costs , make better IT decisions and benefit from more proactive IT demand management. Capabilities include template driven IT cost modeling, interactive reporting and analytics, and business facing  IT demand management.

I got a few IM’s today when their website went live with real content.  A very compelling idea if they can execute on it.  Based on the research I was doing at my previous product line, there is huge demand for this kind of software depending on the maturity of the IT organization. These guys are hunting for some big fish.

Now, take a look at their leadership team.  It’s stacked!  I predict these guys will get bought in a couple of years.

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