OLPC Is Pretty Cool for 1.0

Today, I spent time setting up the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) that my father bought as part of the “Buy a Laptop for Child and Get a Laptop Free” program that was offered back in late 2007.  I have to say that the laptop is pretty damm cool.  It’s running Linux (Fedora 7 from what I can tell) and has a number of very cool educational applications bundled ranging from putting music together to an application that lets to learn basic programming logic.

One of the cooler features of the laptop is a “Neighborhood view” that lets you identify other OLPC’s near by and activities that you might do together.  I actually found another OLPC running somewhere near mean (It has not response to my chat yet).

Nicholas Negroponte might get alot of negative feedback about the OLPC project but I can see how this would be useful in a under developed areas.

I’m sure that Molly will enjoy it and when she’s tired with it, I’m going to get another chance to hack at it.

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