Corporate verses Startup Experience

It’s been over five months since leaving HP and re-joining the ranks of the startups and it has been quite the shift in experiences. The startup experience is something that better fits my speed and style. They are such a great way to learn how to run a business. Also, get ready to get your hands dirty. My current position spans so many different responsibilities:

  • Director of Engineering — that’s what I was hired for
  • Senior Product Manager — actually not too much of a stretch from what I was hired for
  • Director of Support — added to my responsibilities after 6 weeks
  • Director of Operations — added to responsibilities after 8 weeks
  • Infrastructure Architect — What kind of production environment do I need to support the predicted growth?
  • Application Architect
  • Software Engineer — “I would rather be coding”
  • Support Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Webmaster — someone has to it and I would rather my engineers working on features
  • Technical Writer
  • Manager
  • And more …

There are folks that are more suited towards corporate environments and those that are more suited towards startup environments. For example, the leadership team at Mercury Interactive were all well suited towards startups and thats probably why many of those folk have since joined startups or started their own.

And then I think of my old boss at HP, that guy was built to work at HP and he’ll probably work there for the next 20 years. Nothing wrong with that.

I highly recommend startups to anyone that wants to make his mark on the world. And, is willing to incur some risk and comments like “You’re starting what? That will never work.”

One thought on “Corporate verses Startup Experience

  1. Hey Renato —

    Glad to have found your blog (and tweets); I’m subscribed. Nice post; I look forward to more. This one struck a chord with me, as I recently was thinking about all the roles necessarily covered in startups. Here’s my post:

    BTW, I’ll be posting the SWPDX wrap-up hopefully tomorrow.

    I saw in your Twitter profile you’ve got a little one in tow. Congrats! Are you mormon now (inside joke if you remember your (pretty innocent) comment at Saturday Market)?

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