New Boss Wants Resume?

Everyone has gone through it, transitioning into a new boss. This is happening to me at work. My boss has taken on huge responsibilities running the overall division within the company. He’s the right guy for the job and I’m glad he was selected.

He decided to appoint an internal candidate for the position and now I need to learn how to work with the new manager. I was proactive and proposed a meeting over lunch just to make introductions. His response was, “I’m busy getting ramped up. Send me your resume and we can go from there.” I’m sure that the new guy is very busy digesting all the information and the note was probably a “delegation approach” of dealing with the situation. However, this message didn’t reside well with myself and another manager that received it. It’s like reseting whatever hard work and achievements done in the past year.

It’s amazing how even the smallest management actions can send the wrong message to your team. Asking me to prepare a resume tells me that 1) he doesn’t have the time to get to know me and 2) I’m being re-evaluated all over again. Why not go through the effort at a new company?

Transitioning into a new manager is always hard. Plus, they always say that folks stay or leave a company because of their manager.

So, this little note has resulted in the following:

  • I had not updated my resume in 6 years and now I have a polished updated version for all to see.
  • I had sent my resume for review to my wife who is are recruiter in the bay area. She immediately sent it to another mutual friend who wants to connect me with 3 recuiters in charge of startups
  • I had sent a copy to another engineering manager friend of mine review that as asked that I phone screen with his company.
  • It has opened my eyes that it might be less effort to interview at a new company.

Management Lesson learned: At the end of the day, motivation and communication are essential elements to manage. Don’t forget the importance of spending one-on-one time with your current or future staff no matter how busy you are. Your success will be dependent on the success of your staff. Even the little action items can send the wrong message to your team.

In my case, its a horse race. I’m trying to understand my new manager and I have an updated resume floating out there. Let’s see which of these options can capture my attention first.

One thought on “New Boss Wants Resume?

  1. There is another way to look at his request for a resume – he has a different ‘style’ – not necessarily good, not necessarily bad. Just different. (and definitely de-motivating)

    I agree, I’d be a bit wary of his approach. A manager who doesn’t have time to meet with his new staff? Weird. And in the long term? Disastrous.

    The irony that you’re already aware of is that his request for your resume has resulted in learning on your end. Having an current resume on file – and always in casual circulation – is a must.

    He’s done you a favour, ask him out for lunch again.
    Good luck playing with new found options.

    Enjoy the day.

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