You Flushed the Keys Down the Toilet?

This afternoon I was having an exit interview with an engineer on my team leaving the company. He is a very talented engineer and I’m very disappointed to see him go. Now, during the meeting my phone fell out of my pants and I heard my wife’s voice on the other line. I seriously thought I had hit the call button in my pants and dialed my wife by mistake. My pants make more phone calls than I do. My wife and I exchange salutations and then she tries to explaine to me that she flushed her car keys down the toilet. My immediate out loud response was,

“You droppe d your keys in the toilet? What? Then you flushed the toilet? Why did you do that? Did you go #1 or #2?”

The poor engineer sitting there probably didn’t know what hit him. In reality, all the timing was right just like on of those physics projects where one thing bumps the next thing in succession. She stood up, autoflushed, keys dropped and right at the “chug chug” of the toilet, the keys hit the bottom of the bowl. “Nothing but net”. In my mind, like a Scrubs episode, I had pictured the keys sitting like a sword in the dirt (Ala Brave Heart). My wife looking and saying, “We can get another set”. Flush!

Lesson learned, “The autoflush is not your friend.” For anyone who works in the San Ramon sewage treatment facility, its a BMW key and a house key. Let me know if you find them.

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