Completed San Francisco 1/2 Marathon Today!

This morning I completed the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon — I did the second half and it was my first.  What an amazing experience!  Here are things I gleamed from the experience:

  • Finding the right sneakers is critical!
  • Spandex is essential for long runs
  • Don’t just drink water if you plan to run more than 2 hours
  • Hills are your friend
  • Find someone or a team to train with — it will make the experience more enjoyable
  • Fat people can run too 🙂

Now,  I can work on my golf game since I won’t be training for another event, but maybe I need to be thinking about another event!  🙂

No Turning Back

Well, there is no turning back now.  I’m all signed up for the  2nd half of the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 26th.   Let’s be clear here — I’ve lived a fairly sedentary lifestyle and getting this out of shape body to run 13.1 miles (21,097.5 meters) is big deal!  Here are a few things I’ve learned with my training thus far …

  • Spandex is key
  • Stretching is key
  • Snacking along the way helps alot
  • Never run on an empty stomach
  • Hit the bathroom before a long run

I’ll let you know how the rest of my training goes.  Good luck to me — I’ll need it!

Starting a new adventure …

Alas, I’ve decided to move on from Abaca Technology and start a new adventure.  It was a very difficult choice for me to leave but it was the right thing  for me and my family to do.  I have the utmost respect for the leadership team and the engineering team that I helped to re-build.  They are in great position to execute on their engineering goals moving forward.  And, what a ride is was!

  • Recruited by seasoned silicon valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch and reported directly to CEO
  • Grew the customer base from 10,000 to protecting hundreds of millions of email boxes worldwide
  • Started with two resources and later became responsible for ~50% of the overall company within constrained start-up environment
  • Rebuilt engineering team from scratch after previous leadership meltdown
  • Managed highly regarded 24/7 support organization
  • Built 24/7 operations organization managing production IT and customer facing infrastructure
  • Owned road map and engineering of all product lines
  • Responsible for engineering deliveries resulting in key company wins
    • Produced first external product effectiveness review [press release]
    • Successfully deployed first 3000 user appliance [press release]
    • Successfully attained official VMWare certification [press release]
    • Successfully deployed first 12 million user customer [press release]
    • Successfully deployed large scale trial leading to a deal of hundreds of millions users worldwide [press release]

I’m very happy with the traction we were able to gain during my time there despite the start-up conditions.

So, what’s my next thing? Same type of thing — building something new. Stay tuned ….