Interesting Business Week Articles

Here are a few articles from this week  that I found interesting:

  • The Failed Promise of Innovation in the U.S. — During the past decade, innovation has stumbled. And that may help explain America’s economic woes
    • RJM:  Does true innovation need to move economies forward?  Is there such a thing as spinning on useless innovation?  It seems that Jim Collin’s new book seems to think so as well.
  • How Cloud Computing Will Change Business IBM, Qualcomm, Nokia, and other majors, along with startups, are preparing to cash in on new technology. Not that it will be easy
    • RJM:  Nothing to revolutionary about this article but interesting how companies are realizing the importance of having information at your finger tips.  Very good case studies from various companies.
  • Why We Tweet We’re now big fans of Twitter. To those with eyebrows aloft, here’s how it happened
    • RJM:  The Welch family perspective on Tweeting.  This is like my dad joining Facebook.