No iPhone 3GS For Me!

I have become dependent enough on my iPhone that even the most subtle upgrades in performance, disk and battery life is worth the money to upgrade.  It’s really my primary mobile tool for so many things — these are my to 12 tasks I do on my iPhone (list is subject to change):

  1. Email (Work and Personal)
  2. Phone
  3. Facebook
  4. TweetDeck
  5. Check my stocks
  6. Check the weather
  7. Check on sports scores
  8. Listening to books on tape
  9. Listening to podcasts
  10. Watching podcasts, movies and television shows
  11. Camera
  12. Listening to music

Today, I tried to upgrade my older 16 GB 3G phone to the new 32 GB 3GS phone.  I figured the performance and addition storage space alone would make it worth it — plus, since I’m working on an iPhone application, I would benefit from having the new gear.  Well, to my dismay, I didn’t qualify for the discount and would have had to of payed $499 for the 32 GB 3GS.  Insane.

I guess I’ll need to wait until March 2010 for me to qualify for an upgrade.  By then, I’m hoping for a new iPhone model and a new wireless carrier.

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