Show Me the Amazon Kindle 2!

I have a few personal goals that have lead me down the path of wanting an Amazon Kindle.

  • Use less paper (Save the environment)
  • Save money (Spend more wisely)
  • Read more books (Increase knowledge and create ideas)
  • Read more periodicals (Increase knowledge and create ideas)
  • Read more newspapers (Increase knowledge and create ideas)

The Kindle seems to have hit what I need out of an e-reader.

  • Relatively cheap for a new gadget.
  • Smaller than a stack of books.  I’m tired of having a backpack mostly full of books and printed documents.  It’s bad for the environment and for my back.
  • Great user interface for long reading sessions.  I hate reading long documents on a monitor.  Not only would I read books on it but longer work documents that I don’t want to print or read on my laptop.
  • Easy shopping for reading material through Amazon — a trusted online retailer.
  • Diverse reading material support.  Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, PDF’s, etc.
  • Cheaper books.  Amazon sells most popular books for $9.99 or an average of 60% off of retail.
  • Less paper.
  • Free wireless updating

Now, I’m holding out for the Kindle 2 which is supposed to be release early 2009.  I hope it comes out soon.  I don’t want to buy another physical book — I’m out of shelf space.

2 thoughts on “Show Me the Amazon Kindle 2!

  1. Jo

    I’m waiting for it too! I sampled the Kindle in October on our China trip. Read two books and I LOVED it! It took some willpower to send it back and hold out for the Kindle 2.

  2. Marc

    My wife and I feel the same way, and are also eagerly awaiting the Kindle 2. In specific, she’s a very fast reader and doesn’t really want to bring 15 pounds of books on vacation!

    Hey Renato – your name sounds familiar. Have we met? 😉

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