Satellite Radio is Priceless!

Sirius XM Radio rolled out their new combined line up of channels this morning.  I was an XM Radio customer before and inherited the Sirius channels.  Highlights for me include:

  • Howard Stern — Yes, I grew up listening to him in New York
  • NFL Radio
  • Elvis Radio
  • Jam Band Radio
  • Grateful Dead Radio

I can’t imagine commuting without satellite radio.  It’s like over the air TV versus Cable TV.

However, their business is getting beaten down pretty badly.  Just yesterday, Sirius XM Radio reported a $4.88 billion net loss for the third quarter.  Subscriber growth is slowing due to the economy and they are facing $1 billion in debt which comes up next year!  Yikes!  Last I checked, there was an “issue” with our credit markets.  Their stock is hobbling along at $0.25 a share.  The satellite-radio company said it ended the third quarter with 18.9 million subscribers.  That’s lower than than I expected and growth has been slowing over the past 4 quarters!

I will be very curious to see what happens to the service over the next few years.

Good service but bad business.

One thought on “Satellite Radio is Priceless!

  1. afrankangle

    I got XM last February with a new car … love it! Listen to it 90% over other sources. I have mixed feelings on the new lineup, but will adjust.

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