Sam Wo’s on Conan O’Brian!

Back in the day during the dot com boom, my wife and I were living in San Francisco and working long hours at a technology consulting firm called Scient. After a long day of coding, our co-workers and I would stumble out the office usually past 10pm and headed towards Chinatown. The normal first stop was the Buddha Bar, a local hole in the wall bar, for a few drinks. The next stop was Sam Wo’s restaurant for an order of flat noodles. This was one of the few places still open past midnight in Chinatown and perfect food after a couple of drinks.

To my surprise, Conan O’Brian had a very funny skit about Sam Wo’s, Check it out …

Update:  It seems that the folks at NBC have pulled the video from YouTube.  You can find it here on the NBC website.  It’s about half way down on the list of clips.

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