Raises $25 Million raises $25 million dollar. In an article from Red Herring,

Amid all the widgets, mashups, video sharing, and complicated software applications angling for attention at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco Monday, there was a much more traditional social networking site――that walked in with $25 million in new funding from Oak Ventures Partners.

Later in the article it mentions how they are different from all the other social sites,

With its original $1.4 million in seed funding and a business model that asks users to pay for certain premium features, Reunion has steadily added profits over its five-year existence. Mr. Tinsley said the site already has 28 million users, and it’s adding around 1 million more users each month.

Please raise your hand if you think this is absurd. What the hell are they going to do with $25 million dollars? I’m very curious to know what these “premium features” are they they expect to get folks to pay for and how awesome they must be. I’m thinking features like automatically Google-ing your name to pre-populate your profile or allowing you add people to your network that have not been born yet.

Do you hear that roar? It’s the sound of the bubble getting bigger.


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