I Don’t Understand Twitter

“Dude, check my twitter out. I’ve just updated it and it says that I’m telling you about Twitter. Now, I just updated it again that I’m done.”

Twitter is the latest buzzword around this “Web 2.0” stuff and I don’t understand it. It allows users to “Micro-Blog”. A “Micro-blog” is a message less than 140 characters that gets posted to Twitter for all to see. Some examples of messages I’m seeing right now include,

  • “Reviewing kids’ report cards and ITBS test results.”
  • “Ready to call it a day”
  • “Watching Rocky IV. Man, this was a cheeseball movie.”

Other interesting features include, email notification of messages, twitting from an instant messaging client and twitting from a mobile phone. Either I must be getting old or I have enough other “Web 2.0” products to waste me free time. Or, the likely reason is that I’m not the target demographic. I can see pockets of friends or early teenagers getting into this. It will be interesting to see if Twitter can continue through the hype or if we look back on “Web 2.0” and laugh that folks invested in this.


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