Google Notebook is My Friend

I downloaded Google Notebook a few months back and only got around to using it recently.

Google Notebook makes web research of all kinds – from planning a vacation to researching a school paper to buying a car – easier and more efficient by enabling you to clip and gather information even while you’re browsing the web. And since Google Notebook lives in your browser, you won’t be left with a scattered collection of notes, Word docs, and browser bookmarks to sort through; all your web findings will be gathering into one organized, easy accessible location that you can access from any computer.

I must say that I find it very useful and use it quite a bit while researching on the web or just noting interesting things I see. Specifically, I like that 1) all the data is stored centrally so that I can get my data from any computer even when I clip from different browsers and 2) there is a convenient Firefox plug in for quick access. I highly recommend it.


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